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Whenever I post a picture in my notes, I always get an "Unlock document search" pop-up prompt.

Is there a way to disable it for a free user? It is extremely annoying and counterproductive, as I have to manually switch it off every single time.

Anyone else facing the same issue?

Thank you for the support.


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The suggestion has already been posted several times in other threads - click the 'upgrade' button and view the next web page,  but then just close it down.  That MAY give you a little respite,  but I think Evernote's view is that if you're using their free product often enough that this becomes a nuisance,  maybe you should consider subscribing...

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In the internet are many free services - but taking a closer look shows that they are never for „Free“. Usually you pay with your attention, because while you use a service, advertisements are shown. Because targeted ads are more valuable a direct consequence is the habit of tracking people through the web, across websites. And information about users is traded between companies.

EN is very conservative with its Free users: It will only show ads for its own services, it will not track you beyond your login and EN does not trade with your data. You can be happy about it - the rest of ads can be avoided by subscribing. Unless you do (which is your own decision) you will continue to pay with your attention.

Don‘t argue with productivity - the productivity of your account for EN is plain zero, since you take, but do not give.

If the current way of nagging is an effective way to motivate Free users to subscribe is another question …

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Yes, this is incredibly user-hostile and is enough to make me want to stop using the product (this is not a good way to motivate me to upgrade???). A focus-grabbing pop-up that I have to click on *every single time* I add an image to a note is just wild.

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1 hour ago, omnie said:

A focus-grabbing pop-up that I have to click on *every single time* I add an image to a note is just wild.

Hi.  Free apps aren't truly free - they generally nag until you go away and stop using the service,  or give up and subscribe.  If the app is useful to you,  then subscription is the way to go.  We already described a 'hack' that might give you some respite,  and you could also raise this with Support via Twitter - something that's totally over the top might get dialled back a bit.  But you still have lots of limits on your general use - because you're getting web storage at (currently) no cost;  access to your notes wherever you can log into the app;  and the free bandwidth to send and receive data.  None of that is free to Evernote,  and they share it out with care.  And lots of reminders...


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