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(Archived) Can I turn off the red circle around the "New Note" button



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Something is very weird.

I launched the 2.0 beta for the first time and it converted my database.

If I click on "All Notebooks (0)" it says "Viewing 2034 notes from all notebooks".

The list of notebooks on the left also shows one notebook with 5 notes and another with 90.

However, I have 15 other notebooks that aren't shown in the list, but are shown in the pop-up menu that appears when I click the lozenge button up by the toolbar. The notes in these notebooks seem to be present, but the question is, why aren't these notebooks displayed in the list on the left, and why does it say "0" notes for "All Notebooks" (and of course, why does the red circle appear)?

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This shouldn't be specific to notebooks, this should only occur if you have exactly one note in your entire account (i.e. across all notebooks).

It sounds like your client may have some sort of problem. Can you try completely Quitting Evernote (from the elephant icon in the menu bar) and then start it again to see if that clears up the problems?

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