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Hi all,

I love EN and am attempting to ingrain it at work as a collaboration tool and knowledge base for our team. I've read through the forums, but didn't find an exact answer - so please point me in the right direction if there is already one.

Does EN have a "pack" of information relating to security and privacy (with details beyond the T's & C's) that I can use to (attempt to) gain corporate endorsement of EN as a solution. The alternative (well documented approach in the forums) of working around IT has it's attractions, but we can't afford to loose the access/information stored within through a firewall change. So it's a head-on approach for us.

Any help would be appreciated! We've delt previously with a large online CRM provider and they were able to provide the information that allowed us to proceed.



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We don't yet have a prepared "pack" of Enterprise answers, but we have someone working with various companies (and schools, etc.) to help determine what they need to allow us to better answer such questions. If you'd be interested, John could chat with you about your requirements and questions to help this process.

We're particularly trying to clarify the answers needed by a company that would ever be permitted to use our type of solution, versus questions from organizations that will never be allowed to do so due to (e.g.) formal certifications such as HIPPAA or SOX or impossible configurations ("give us a copy of Evernote to run at our company").

There's a little bit here:

http://blog.evernote.com/2008/04/15/eve ... -security/

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Thanks Dave - I would appreciate if John can drop me a line for direct contact when the inevidable quiestions arise from the process. We're certainly not bound by "impossible" requirements, just an (un)naturally conservative risk appetite with regards to security. Thanks for the speedy reply! Chris.

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Good luck.

I've gone through this process with both a mid-size multinational and a huge corporation. In both cases I was the Sales Manager and was pushing for CRM software - Frontrange Goldmine with the mid-size company (got it) and SalesForce.com with the large corp (did not get it). The number of hoops I had to jump through seemed to never end. As soon as I cleared one issue, another one would pop up.

Be sure that senior management is kept in the loop, or you will end up starting all over again with the higher ups.

And keep in mind that I was trying to get the software installed back in the dark ages, before the advent of thumb drives, Stuxnet and WikiLeaks.

I can't imagine how difficult it would be now.

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