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Good morning, unless the feature is already available, I'd like to see a PIN to Notebook. 
Often when creating notes, I keep them in topic by notebooks. To maintain key notes at TOP of MIND would be useful if one could PIN to NOTEBOOK

If this is possible, I'd like to know. 

Many thanks

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Nope - not possible. I also wish I could pin certain notes by tag (but only when that note's tag is specifically part of the filter in the list) -- but that's not possible either.

There are various workarounds that you can try and use to simulate a pinned note (using special characters in the title and sorting by title being chief among those).

You can search the forums for similar posts with ideas: https://discussion.evernote.com/search/?q=pin&quick=1

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The ability has been asked for several times.


  • Pin a note in general, through shortcuts
  • Use a special character and sort by title
  • Use a „pinned“ tag and create a saved search, which again can go to shortcuts
  • Pin a note to the „Home“ screen - or several if on Professional or Teams
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Thanks. I came here to ask for the same thing. I would also like to see this. I quite often create a Contents page for a course or whatever the notebook is for, but rather than have a Shortcuts list full up with so many pins that it defeats the point of being called a Shortcuts list, the ability to pin such a note at the top of the list would be so, so good. 

Right now, I have a .contents tag that I use, and I'll link all the other pages to this page (obviously!), but I still have to go searching for it when I could just click on the notebook and see it right there at the top of the list. Or, just be able to highlight a note so it stands out from all the others.

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