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10.35 unified settings UI as the only UI



The official release note says: “the original entry points still remain”, but in my humble opinion they should give way to the new unified UI. If one clicks, say, on the Calendar Settings on Home, the pop-up window presented should be the new UI window at the Calendar Settings tab.

This would help people get used to the new settings area, that I'm assuming will house more option in the future.


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Don’t know if axing the stuff people used up to now at that moment is a good solution.

Currently there are users on Macs using the AppStore version who don’t see the gear wheel at all. EN should sort it out and probably check user behavior (I assume it can be analyzed) before „reducing to the max“.

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That's correct--we're going to eventually redirect the old entry points to open up the new menu to make it more discoverable.

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