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Privacy attribute to all notes



I'm a long-time EN user and evangelist. I love the app and love what you've done with this. I was just searching for this feature in the discussion groups and found it in a general discussion posting. I followed up to that OP but realized it should be added here. So here you are.

EN needs to add an attribute to notes, designating them as "private". This attribution would prevent these notes from *automatically* appearing in searches or appearing in any Notes listing - including the sidebar - unless "view private notes" was turned on. This implementation of the privacy concept, as a simple attribute to any note, would allow these notes to be placed within any notebook. This would be really helpful and would add a helpful level of sophistication to EN. Searches could be enhanced to allow inclusion or exclusion (default) of this attribute. Very simple, elegant and consistent with the EN design.

Having private notes show up in a listing is sometimes difficult in a work environment where others are able to see your screen. There are financial, personnel, IP, and personal reasons that all would better enable people to use EN for these types of jobs without fear of unintended exposure or unauthorized views. Trying to develop work-arounds to something simple like this, as others have suggested, is also problematic, particularly to searching and using this type of content. Some have suggested that EN treats all notes as private, which I think is intentionally misleading. That's not the kind of privacy we're talking about. The idea of a second account is counter to the DNA of EN which is largely to be a coordinating, curating force in your life, across work and personal spheres.

This is a good idea could open up more elegant uses and a range of benefits to EN users.

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The "classical" solution for this is a Teams (Business) account for an organization, or a second (Free) account for individuals.

Everybody using EN in a professional context should think about what happens if the business and the individual will split up. Can't happen, it is my own shop ? Yes, can happen: Can be you decide to sell, can be you enter receivership, can be you have grown and want to convert the one-pop-shop into something larger.

It is in general a good idea to keep professional and personal notes separate. Declaring some as "Private" does not solve this issue, there will be a large overlap, more difficult to resolve as the years go by, and data volume and business grow. Better go for 2 accounts from the onset.

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