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Failing to load all notes in Android

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The first 25 notes can be viewed straight away when using a Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra; the remaining notes sit there blank, trying to pull down the content, with some/most eventually loading after many minutes.

Evernote has never done this for me in the past.

Suggestions please.

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5 hours ago, gazumped said:

Uninstall / restart the phone / reinstall

I was hoping there was a Clear Cache option, however, uninstalling, reboot and reinstalling seems to have resolved the issue after a forced "Sync now."

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There is an option to clear out the application cache: On Android go to settings of your device, then go to "Apps" and search for Evernote. Then click on Storage and at the very bottom is "Clear Cache". Click on it and restart your device and Evernote.

But if it would have resolved the issue you described - no idea.

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