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Default Font Size?

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No …

Yes …

Confused ?

No way through settings - maybe there will be added something, now that a settings menu is introduced.

Yes if you create a note with a setting as you want it. Then with a text in the new setting selected click on the „text style / Standard Text“ and change it. It will reflect your settings, but only for this single note. All new text in „standard“ style will automatically have the changed font.

Now save the note as a template, or put it as a shortcut note. When creating a new note, select this template, and the new note will have the same settings. Or click on the shortcutted note and duplicate it - same effect.

Personal reflection: If you search the forum, you will find out that this hint has already been posted a zillion times. I would expect a little research before coming here and posting to make other users answer this „public knowledge“, at least as this forum is concerned. We are not support, we do this on our discretionary time, and we have fun in solving problems - not repeat over and over what has been shared already.

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Default Font Size Issue

I'm constantly having to upsize the font size on Evernote on my iPad from 16 to 20! 

16 is just too small, especially for those of us over 50 LoL.

too much eye strain.

I 'select all' highlighting the text, increase the size with the + key to 20,

then add some new text to the note, which changes back to size 16...

you see what i'm saying? 

this has been going on for years, it's gotten really annoying actually.


I've been checking out SimpleNote App to replace Evernote because of this problem.

sincerely, JT 

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What you are asking for is perfectly reasonable. I agree that the default font size is too small, and that the solution is to let users set their own default. But if I'm remembering correctly, this was never a feature in the mobile app (at least on iOS) before v10, so I don't think Evernote sees it as a priority.

The workaround that was suggested works to a point - but if you do increase the font size in a note, the bullets or numbered lists do not increase along  with  the text, which results in a not very professional  looking document. So that has to be worked on too along with the font size. I wouldn't hold my breath..

By the way, if you find Simplenote to be an effective alternative to Evernote, then maybe Evernote is overkill for your needs.

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4 hours ago, ObviousBob said:

By the way, if you find Simplenote to be an effective alternative to Evernote, then maybe Evernote is overkill for your needs.

@ObviousBobI think that is good insight.

@JayTea42Functionality-wise, UpNote is in between Simplenote and Evernote (but probably closer to Evernote). If you like Simplenote, you also might like UpNote as it more closely resembles Evernote. (I really like UpNote and paid for their Premium, but Evernote still has a lot more features that make me stick with it. So I really only dabble with UpNote at the moment.)

You can also scale the font quite well on iOS for UpNote. The attached screenshots are for UpNote on the iPhone, but I believe the iPad has similar settings


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