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Different PDF rendering on EN legacy vs EN version 10

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On the legacy Windows app a multi page PDF shows all in one page, page 2 following 1 etc.

In the version 10 at the bottom of each page I need to click the arrow to go to the next page. 

Is there any way to set it up like in the legacy so I don't need to click, just scroll down?

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For v10: Open the note. Click on the header of the pdf showing, not on the content area. The pdf is marked with a blue rim.

A little menu appears on top of the pdf. Select the 3 dots. In the submenu there are 3 options for the viewing: As an attachment, single pages, all pages.

Select "All pages", and you can scroll.

Default is single pages for smaller pdfs, and attachment for larger pdf files. There is no general setting to preselect all pages.


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