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Since the recent Evernote update on IOS, I am having trouble editing and highlighting documents on my iPad (where I have always worked). I find it really useful for highlighting the valuable parts in University study documents, as the program creates an annotation summary that helps me with preparation and writing of essays. At first I couldn’t find the normal menu with which to do this. When I finally stumbled across it, I can no longer ‘zoom in’ on the document to read, and therefore highlight it. Completely useless for a 50 year old with dodgy eyesight doing their Bachelor! Are there any workarounds please? Or am I just not looking in the right area? 

Nikki (Nicole) Bond

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This is a know problem of the iPad version of the new EN client. The Zoom does not work in pdf annotation mode.

I explicitly say "iPad", because if you try on an iPhone, the Zoom works while annotating. So probably they forgot there are larger screens on the mobile OS than a phone screen. It was reported numerous times, and we are waiting for it to get fixed.

Workarounds: You can download for free the Skitch app, that has the same looking tools, works with EN and has the zooming capability the build in annotator lacks. Or use another tool (Free: Apple Notes, paid: GoodNotes 5 has a nice pdf handling) and export the result into EN.

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