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Calling all Grandfathered Plus users!

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I used to be a Plus user and the Tasks feature for Plus and Free users is so limited that to me it wasn't even worth using back then.

If I'm remembering correctly, you do get to see the little purple indicator that shows how many tasks exist and how many are completed in the snippet view of the list and at the top of the note - like this:


But you can't set due dates or reminders and you can't see all your tasks in the side list which makes it almost useless as a task manager. It still might be a useful feature depending on your use case though.

I didn't really upgrade to Personal for solely more function of the Tasks feature, but it probably weighed into my decision and I'm starting to use it more now on the Personal subscription.

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I also was a plus user.  I wanted to be able to use tasks so I also upgraded.  I am quite disappointed that I bothered.  The tasks functionality is far to limited to be useful for me.  I would be able to be able to add tags to tasks, group tasks, set priority to tasks,  add hyperlinks to tasks and have more sophisticated task filtering.

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17 hours ago, Boot17 said:

But you can't set due dates or reminders and you can't see all your tasks in the side list which makes it almost useless as a task manager. It still might be a useful feature depending on your use case though.

Wow, talk about hobbling functionality...manage your tasks digitally but we'll give you the same notification level as paper and pen.

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Nobody forces you to stay on Plus. It is sort of courtesy of EN to still keep up the old plans - others give you a notification to decide „up or down/out“, and the next time you have to renew your subscription, the old level is greyed out.

Millions of users are happy to use their free account, with (concerning tasks) exactly the functions you get as well - if it does not serve you can decide to upgrade.

Fair enough, I think.

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I was on Plus, but moved to Personal and then used my 10GB each month so upped to the Professional tier. I've still got the option to go to Plus in iOS when my renewal comes up having been on that tier before.

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I think you may find that the Plus option has gone for you and that iOS will catch up when the time comes. Once you've left Plus there is no way back - unless you have a different account on iOS ;)

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I ran across a note to myself just now about reasons why I upgraded from Plus to Personal and thought I would share as it's semi-related to my earlier comment.

I'm sorry I'm no longer on the grandfathered Plus-team! It's a great team! 😃  And it's actually pretty cool that EN still lets Plus people continue on with the same feature set (well, except for some of the pre v10 features that didn't make it over).

(The number of + is how much it weighed in to the reason to upgrade.)



Reasons to Upgrade to Personal:

  • ++ Get 200 MB note size (vs current 50)
    • I've never even hit the 50 limit though -- but I might start getting there. I wanted to put a large PDF in there one time and couldn't
  • ++ 10 GB limit
    • I've never even hit the 1 GB limit though
  • ++ Tasks (don't really need though -- I've got Things. Might be nice to have them in there and not use Things though...? I've already paid for Things though so meh.)
    • Your tasks would now be cross-platform. You could access them on PC. That could be nice.
    • You might get your money's worth out of it by being more productive. (But mostly you just need to concentrate to do that.)
    • You could/would still using Things for quick tasks because getting into Evernote
    • 9/3 - it's ok -- upgrade to +++
  • ++ Search text in PDFs (not sure I really need that)
  • + Annotate PDFs (have had no need yet)
  • ++ Customize Home widget (might be nice, but meh)
    • 9/3 - whatever. it's not that great for Personal.
  • Connect to one google calendar (meh - I don't think I would do this)
  • +++++ Note history (this one would be nice in case you accidentally messed up a note)
    • For now, you can just use the legacy product - remember to open it periodically and it will keep a copy of your notes
      • except this isn't that great of a work-around because you are only going to do this every so often...
    • 9/3 - yeah - this one is cool


In the end, it was really me mostly wanting the Note History. It has saved me a couple of times since the upgrade to Personal (but one time due to what I think was an Evernote syncing bug that wiped out a PDF that I had attached. With the Note History I was able to restore a version of the note that still had the pdf). Oh - also - EN gave me a 50% of the first year so that helped too.

So now I'm starting to use Tasks a lot more and I really like the bigger note size limits and the note history. I don't care for the Home screen and I don't connect to my Google Calendar (maybe one day though).



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EN won’t touch the „Plus“ branding (I always wonder why they keep these old plans anyhow, but that is their decision, and I am OK with it).

But in fact what is called „Plus“ in fact should better be called „ Free“. Because it simply is exactly that: A slightly beefed up version of a Free account, with little additional benefit beside no devices limit for a somewhat attractive base price.

The more new features are added where Plus (and old Premium) stay out of the game, the less attractive these plans become. But as I said: OK with me if EN keeps them up.

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