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Share from EN Teams documents with PDF files

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Good day, 

I would like to share from EN Teams documents with PDF files like this without the recipient getting a chat prompt, registering in Evernote, downloading an app, but just accessing the shared files like Dropbox? Can't you do that?

They are PDF files intended for clients or the tax accountant or our company lawyer, for example, who are not part of our Evernote business and don't (want to) use Evernote!

With best regards
Tobias Helling

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The essence of Evernote is that all data is contained within a note. So, unlike Dropbox, note attachments don't exist outwith a note. So you have to share the note containing the PDF. Teams has more sophistication in sharing within a work team. Sharing outside a team means either a chat with another Evernote user or share the link to the notes which will open in a browser.

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That PDF must be included in a note is clear. Again: I have several notes, each with a PDF file. I want to make these available for download individually or as a notebook to a third party WITHOUT Evernote, without him having to register with Evernote. The third party has NO Evernote! So no Evernote chat, no Evernote registration!


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So, as I said, give them a share link. The note will open in a browser and they can then download the attachment. No subscription required. There is no means to provide a link only to the PDF.

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But, yes!

First I get a request if I want to use EN in the browser or as desktop version and then the request to register with password if I am not EN user yet. Then I see a full EN with the welcome questions, costs, usage instructions. When I'm done with that, only then do I see the notebook under "Approved for me". This is not how I want to communicate with my tax advisor!

Give me your email address. I will send you an EN Link to a notebook.

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I'm sorry Tobias. You asked 'can I do something specific' and my conclusion was 'No'. Then you tell me you can but it isn't what you want. So I think I still conclude that you cannot do what you want to do. 

I work with my account using Evernote and he is happy to have a Free version and I share with him that way. I understand that the options don't work for you - at least not in the way you wish.

You could store the PDFs in Google's Drive. Link to them in Evernote using the Drive integration. You could then share three PDFs with your tax guy from Drive and still access them in Evernote (although they would not display)

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