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Print Preview To Review & Split Pages



What comes out on printed pages is anyone's guess in Evernote.

You either have to physically print it and see how it comes out, or export to Preview instead.


Apple Numbers has got a great feature before printing to be able to manipulate page content before printing.

You can adjust orientation and zoom level of content.


Anything would be an improvement to the current 'print and hope'.

Even if it was just the ability to set a page break at the right point would be an improvement.

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Printing is not really a strong point of the new EN client. We have to remember that a note is practically a mini website - which means that page dimensions are natively foreign to it. The app needs to provide for printing options, which currently it doesn’t do nicely.

A workaround can be to install the legacy client. It allows better print control. If it is worth to install it just because of this is up to anybody to decide.

Or use the export to pdf - it recently has got at least a preview function. You can then use the Macs print option, for example multi-paged printing.
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I fully agree with original posters comment.

Printing is hit and miss and any improvement here to know upfront what/how it will come out would be an improvement. 

@PinkElephant It is true that printing from webpage doesn't give the best results, but take an example from printing from Safari or FF: you are presented with a nice preview of what is printed on the page + how many pages there are.
Evernote just gives a generic file icon and doesn't even tell you how many pages it will need to print the document! You could end up with a single sentence on the top of an extra page...
So giving us the preview experience of any browser today would already go a long way!

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