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Quick Launch New Note with template

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Hello:  Is there a way to specify a template to open automatically?  I would like to create a desktop shortcut that will launce Evernote new note with a specific template specified.

For example:  I would like a shortcut on my desktop PC to launce Evernote new note using a "Call Notes" template.  This way I can click one link and enter call notes

Another link would launce Evernote new note with "New Contact" note where I have a template labeled "new contact".



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3 hours ago, agsteele said:

But not have a new now based on a specific template.

Not quite correct (and it depends on your definition of "template"!)  But if you create your ideal note and export that note to ENEX,  then save the output file to your desktop,  you can create a new note in that format by double-clicking the note desktop icon.  Try it out first - I seem to remember there are some oddities about whether the titles or tags are included and the created date is correct for the current day - but at least you can get a formatted 'blank' note to work from...

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… or create such a note, pin it to shortcuts inside of EN. When you need it, select it, duplicate it and use the copy.

When it is pinned among the first 9 shortcuts, you can do it by keyboard shortcuts: ctrl / cmd + number (1-9) to select, then duplicate.

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Thanks all. The points behind the questions was to reduce the friction associated with using Evernote.  I have a planning template that I use throughout the day...from different devices.  Stopping and opening Evernote (and wait) Then select new note, then select template, then return to whatever I was doing...then when I need to create a new planning note...well you get the point. 

Having a one click solution directly to a new note formatted with a template and ready to go would be ideal....

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1 hour ago, ricg41 said:

Having a one click solution directly to a new note formatted with a template and ready to go would be ideal....

Just adding to @PinkElephant's point. If you have the note as a shortcut (on Windows) you can right click and copy to or duplicate directly from the pop up window that appears.



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