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How does insert Google Drive work?

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Hi all

I tried the Google Drive insert in a a note the other day (desktop version using teh + button). Nothing happens! A window opens and then closes!  I looked ths up in Help but all it says it on first use user will be asked to authenticate. This did not, and does not, happen.

S, does not seem to work.

Any advice?

Thanks for readin

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Hi there

Thanks for replies.

I am using desktop evernote version 10.34.4 on W10.

Yes I have a Drive account

Google Drive is a connected service listed in Account > Connected services - but I am not sure if there is something else I need to do. 

Tried disconnecting and then connectng again - sucessfully it would seem, but the insert window still closes after a few seconds wihtout showing any Drive files.





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On 4/15/2022 at 5:53 PM, DaJoLo said:

the insert window still closes after a few seconds wihtout showing any Drive files


@DaJoLo, good to meet you. Something like this window should appear. I wonder, do you have any malware/antivirus/security software running on your device? If so, make an exception to Evernote and/or Google Drive (which may require evernote.com and drive.google.com URI exceptions, not sure; that's a question for your security software vendor) and see if that doesn't allow the window to display.

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Hello Ray

Thanks for the advice. I have tried turning off both Windows Defender and the Firewall but that made no difference ... same effect. Windows opens for a short while, then closes. I am not sure  else to try. 

I am runing Drive Sync as well. Tried pausing that, but again no change.

I am pretty sure I have no other tools/apps on board hat might affect this action. 



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Thanks Ray

A mystery! Have tried everything I can think of: disabled virus checker, firewall, Google sync, turned off all chrome extensions

No ad blocker installed (don't use Edge anyway).

Also, I just connected Google Calendar and that does not work either! Just a blank calendar shows with no entries.

... the more I can't do this the more I want to!! 😳  Seriously, if you have any obvious suggestions please let me know, but this issue is probably not that important, just a handy feature (since I do nearly all my writing in Google Docs it could be useful to link that with some of the sources I am using in Evernote ...)

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Thanks gazumped.

The Attach link was helpful thogh added to the puzzle. I never thought to add a GD file link to a note and try it that way.

Bizarrely, the link works fine! i.e. paste a GD file link into a note, click the link, the file opens.

But the Insert action still does not not display google drive contents as expected ... (which would be useful)

I have submitted a support ticket, #3504748.

Interestingly, as i said to Ray, the calendar didn't work either but I just tried adding the widget to the home page and now it works fine! Doesn't seem to pick up the Google to do list but that really isn't important to me ...

Thanks for suggestions.

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