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(Archived) A few feature requests


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Just a couple suggestions of things I'd like to see:

- Hand-writing/drawing, and ability to combine this with photo notes (i.e. you take a picture of a document & then circle the important information)

- Option to edit photo notes, i.e. crop the picture & rotate it (since Android displays all camera photos in landscape even if taken in portrait)

- Option to open Evernote directly to notes list instead of menu

- Option to just display the notes without headers for a more clean look (i.e. displayed alphabetically, but without the "A, B, C" headers)


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I would love to see hand writing/drawing the the Android app, a lot of times I want to sketch out and idea and I need two programs to do this, but if I could do it all in Evernote, that would save me a lot of wasted time.

I would rather have the ability to see the full image rather than cropping, at least at first. Some of my pictures in my account are 4 megapixel and I am not able to see the entire image on the android app :(

I too would love the option to view notes in the list view too. I know that sometimes when I am working with a lot of notes on my phones that the extra step is a buzz kill.

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