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Clipping should be one tap, not 4.



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I could do with a little clarification. Evernote on my Android device doesn't have a 'clip' option - at least not that I can see. Neither is there a 'clip' option in any of my browsers on Android.

In case you have asked this question in the Android threads by mistake (easily done) could you confirm your Evernote application version, OS and browser...

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Besides, the initial post contradicts it self:

First it asks for „one tap clipping“.

Then it asks to put the recently used notebook first. This logically means there is a „select a notebook“ option, preselected with the last used notebook. And ciao, one tap clipping - if there is a notebook selection, it will need at least 2 taps.

But anyhow, clipping on mobile works through the sharing process, and this defines the number of taps.

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