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On 4/14/2022 at 10:18 AM, gazumped said:

I followed the link you gave. For the Windows Desktop App, it says to click on the gear next to your username in the left navigation panel. In the current iteration of Evernote, my username doesn't even appear in the left navigation panel. Also, I went through all of the options and, like Shackleford91 said, the only mention of dark mode is dark mode for the left navigation panel. That leaves a whole lot of very bright white on the screen.

Evernote Interface.png

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No, this is very clearly one of the legacy versions.

On Windows all legacy versions run on 32bit code, which means that the OS dark mode is not supported by the app. Only 64bit code apps can make use of the system dark mode. A native dark mode does not exist in EN legacy.

@TimC42 You need to update to version 10, or live without dark mode.

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