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What happens to large notes if you downgrade your plan?

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What you have,  you keep.  You can't edit and re-save the note within Evernote,  but you could export it to edit and save in sections,  or elsewhere.  Anything you then do is subject to the free limits.

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@LMWMWM Sorry, just to set the numbers straight: We talk about a 30 days total upload limit of 10 GB Personal vs. 60 MB (NOT 600) on the Free Plan.

We further talk about a maximum note size of 200 MB for subscribers vs. 25MB for Free - that is single note size.

You find all system limits here:


Yes - a single maxed out note created with a subscription equals more than 3 month of upload in Free ! This means if a single note of 60MB or more is edited, it will not upload because of limit 1.

If a note between 25 and 60 is edited, it will not upload because of limit 2.

Only notes between 0 and 25MB will upload, but only until 60MB are reached within 30 days. That is 2 maxed notes, plus small change. New and edited notes are summed up.

You can however view every note created with the subscription - read only, no changes.

If this works out for you you need to check for yourself.

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