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How to add Template in an existing note?

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The template is a formatting with some standard content you apply before adding your own content.

After the user content already exists, how should the template know what to keep, what to reformat and what to overwrite ?

It is the same in programs like MS Office: You select a template right when you start a new file.

If you want to add an empty template to an existing note, in the desktop clients there is an easy way to do it:

Create a new note using the template, leave it, now select the existing and the new note and merge them. You can even choose if the template part goes first or last.

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1 hour ago, maheshsharma121 said:

Please can someone explain why Evernote has not provided the option to insert template in an existing note?

Probably not. Other than to observe that it would be almost impossible to know which text needed to be located where in the template.  Imagine you had some text and wanted to apply, say, the calendar template. Which information goes into 1 January slot as opposed to the 14 March or whatever?

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