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YouTube embedded videos in notes clipped with Web Clipper.



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Probably somebody had an eye on the amount of storage needed if video clips would be saved from websites. Nothing can add to the size of a note as much as an embedded video (preferably HiRes like 4K).

Most websites hold links only either - on one hand because of the file size that would make the website sluggish in transmitting, on the other hand because linking to the original site avoids a lot of DRM issues.

Personally I don’t think we will see video download as a standard - ever.

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I think this is a very sensible suggestion. The suggestion is only for YouTube videos and is not about embedding the actual video file into the note. Bringing the special YouTube webclipper option into line with what you get if you paste the link into a note seems like a very good idea.

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20 hours ago, PinkElephant said:

I don’t think we will see video download as a standard - ever

Hi @PinkElephant, as @Mike P put it, my suggestion is to update Web Clipper to the modern YouTube embedding feature we got after Evernote 10. Instead of the image (cover art) we would be able to actually watch the embedded video without leaving the note.

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