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Adding a note to Evernote using Shortcuts on the IPhone...!??

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I am wondering if anyone managed to create a shortcut on the IPhone (current iOS) to insert a new note (with genuine own text!) into Evernote (current version)?

I cannot find a way to do this. Only four (or so) possibilities (date, device info...) are offered, as far as I can see... 🤫

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Shortcuts are sort of shaky with the new version. It does not support scripting on the Mac either - maybe this is related.

A way to work around would be using the API. But this of course is a real programming project, not just a shortcut.

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I don't believe this is possible. Unlike the Android app which does support shortcuts and a few widgets.

My guess is that there are some iOS limitations which make this more difficult to implement. Otherwise I can't imagine why iOS would not have these features.

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@agsteele We are talking about the Shortcuts app, something specific to iOS and since the latest update for MacOS. It allows to build small widget-type programs and execute them - either behind an icon on the Home Screen, or in the sharing menu.

I have one that is sort of a web clipper, doing a better job than the sharing, and several more. But with v10, some stopped working at all, others are not running reliably any more.

And up to now shortcuts access from my Apple Watch is blocked when trying to access the account. 

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Thanks for this. Yes, I know and use this feature whenever needed. What puzzles me is that there ARE shortcuts on the IPhone to be used for Evernote, such as appending or prepending to a note. But the choice of a specific note does not really work. And I would have guessed that creating a note should have been a basic... Apparently it is not.


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I don't typically use the Shortcuts app so I can't answer any advanced questions on it. That said, what you need to use is the "Shortcut Input" option. With something like the configuration in the attached screenshots, I made a shortcut that asks for text then a note title. You might also be able to build a custom clipper but that's beyond my expertise.



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My observation is it is not the shortcuts that fail - there is probably something in between that does not reset, and blocks further use.

Maybe try to close the app, or even log out and back in. If it works then (but only once again), it won’t help to use it, but would help when contacting support about it.

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@wolffnoteDACH If you are thinking of the Evernote 'actions' as complete and ready-to-use, make sure to get rid of that notion. Really, they are just one step in a larger 'script' that you're building. Attached is a second sample that I tried that did not get an error after a few test notes. It assumes that you want a home screen icon you can tap for what amounts to a quick scratchpad: it asks for some text, puts that text in a variable, and passes that to the 'Create a note' action. 

From what I see, @PinkElephant is correct that there's nothing wrong with the Evernote actions; it's just that an action alone does not a complete shortcut make. Read some online guides about building with Shortcuts, look at what other people have built, and then take another whack at it.

Hope that's helpful!


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