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Can Legacy and v10 desktop share the same import folder?

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It was pointed out to me that I did not set up an import folder on v10.  The import folder that I have in Legacy has thousands of files (mainly pdfs) that have accumulated there over the years.  If I designate this same folder to be the "import folder" of v10 do I risk suddenly having v10 get flooded with all of the pdfs that are sitting in that folder?  It's a bit confusing because all of those pdfs are already in v10 because they have been synched over from Legacy into the EN servers and then back down again into v10.  However, I don't want to risk major duplications.  Or should I simply create a separate import folder for v10 and only use that one when I'm actually using v10?  For simplicity sake I would prefer to only have one import folder if possible.

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  • Evernote Expert

No. You need separate folders for each application. Using the same one will likely cause duplication of notes and/or conflicts.

Either use v10 or Legacy. Whichever you use, the imported notes will appear in both applications within a short time.

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