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Easiest Way To Format Multiple-Line List Items

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I'd like to use a list, bulleted or enumerated, that contains items longer than one line. These items need formatting, and may contain multiple paragraphs or tables. I'm having trouble getting the formatting to stick, and am unable to get the indentation of the list item content to align with the bulleted line. What is the easiest way to do this? Should I just use a table instead?

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Just tried this in the iOS client 10.30, with the soft keyboard. I think it will work in other clients as well, maybe a bit modified:

  • In a new line choose the formatting, like checklists or numbered lists.
  • Type something, type enter. A new line shows, with a new checkbox, a number or a bullet.
  • Now type a backspace, to delete the formatting. The line stays indented, but without a leading symbol. Type the next line - it automatically indents. 
  • Tap enter again. The next line will show with the formatting again, in case of a numbered list continuing with the correct count.

Edit: Just tried on the Mac client 10.34, with a regular hard keyboard. Here it works by simply pressing and holding the shift-key before hitting Enter. This will insert a line feed without starting a new paragraph. The result is the same, but no backspace needed.

Here two examples, one with a checklist, the next with a numbered list:


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