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Cursor position in Evernote 10+ is lost after searches and keyboard shortcuts

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Is there anyway to leave the cursor position in its logical place after a search or navigation shortcut?  Two examples where it doesn't behave intuitively or in a user-friendly way:

1) Evernote 10+ has these cool shortcuts.  One of them I frequently use is Ctrl + Alt + 2 which displays the side view of notes list. However if I then press down or up arrow to go through the side list, it doesn't work because the list is not in active foreground position.  I have to use the mouse to click on that side list before I can use the arrows.

2) When you try to find something in the note, after you get the results, you would expect the cursor to be there so you can start scrolling or writing using your keyboard.  At least that is how it was with Evernote legacy. In legacy, you could escape out of the search result but your last search position wasn't lost and you could just go from there. And it was fantastic.  With Evernote 10+, it will show you the results but if you escape out of the search result and just use keyboard it takes you to previous position or the top of the note, not to the last searched result position.  So you have to remember to use your mouse to click on the last searched result before escaping out of the search window.


Does anyone have any thoughts or solutions to above?

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Good morning @Kkrathi,
Both are completely true and I hope they fix them soon. Those of us who take advantage of the speed of the keyboard regret them every day.
Regarding 1): as a workaround you can, after pressing Ctrl+Alt+2, use the shortcut "Focus on note list". Configure it as you prefer (I assigned it to F1). Not ideal but until they fix it...
Regarding 2): it is a problem that also appeared in previous versions of Evernote Legacy and that was timely solved in one of its latest versions. At the time I tried the ahk script that they propose but it didn't work for me.
Solving it would speed up a lot and I also think it is the logical behavior.
Link to another post I found on the subject, we are not alone...
My regards, brother!
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