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There should be a confirmation window when delete a note



There should be a confirmation window when delete a note.

I have just accidently deleted a couple of notes this morning. While I was deleting some text in a table, suddenly I found I lost some notes, including the one I was working on. I cannot find them anywhere but, eventually, get them back from the trash. I could not repeat this error (or bug, or mistake). But I think it is too easy to delete a note by just a touch of the DELETE key.

I would suggest that please disable the DELETE key to delete a NOTE, or at least pop a confirmation window when delete a note.


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If EN would add this, we could wait for the next postings here „Why do we need this extra click, we know what we do & want to do it fast“. This is something where contradicting views are easy to find - but a software can’t please every position.

In fact there is a confirmation showing that a note (or a bunch of them) was moved to the trash. So there is some feedback, it does however not stop to simply continue. Because the notes will stay in the trash indefinitely (until the trash is emptied or a single note deleted a second time), they can be reactivated from there. So in this step of moving to the trash nothing is really lost.

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