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Evernote on the web seems broken

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Working fine here... 09/04/2022 16:03BST

Are you on a paid subscription or free account? This error is common when Free level users find they have managed to connect more than two devices. A device = a browser. a desktop app or a mobile device.

Open Evernote on, say, two different browsers and then try and connect a mobile device and  you will exceed the two-device limit.

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Thanks for your attention and suggestions. I left it a while then tried in a different browser, where things worked fine. While I'm a free user, I only ever use a browser and an iPhone app. Not sure how changing browsers could have got around the device limit if that were the problem - wouldn't that have maybe looked like I was trying to use an extra device?

Thanks also for the status link - I'll be sure to check that in case of problems in the future, though none were noted today. Glad it was working for you smoothly!

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