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IOS Task Reminder Notification

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I'm having an issue where when I create a task with a reminder on my Windows laptop (i.e, bring plants in on Sunday at 8am) I'm not receiving the task reminder notification on my iPhone and so I miss certain tasks. 

It looks to me like it's a sync issue. If I open the app before that task is due, it might remind me. But I don't always open the app... I presumed it'd sync in the background without me having to open it? 

I'm hoping someone can help. I'd like to use tasks more and more but if I can't rely on them reminding me to do things as they're supposed to I'll have to go back to something a little more robust.


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I think you need to have the reminder synced to the device first to get the notification. iOS is very restrictive about background activities - when the app is closed, it won't sync. But it will send notifications when synced.

Check in iOS settings, Notifications, Evernote that the notifications are enabled, and choose all the necessary settings to make it work as you want it.


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Thanks for the response. Everything is turned on in settings as it should be.

I understand how restrictive iOS can be, but other task managers handle this without me having to open the app... Todoist for example, I can enter a task on my PC and I'll get a notification on my phone.

Is this something Evernote could do better or is it just a failing of the way Evernote tasks is set up?

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EN tasks are embedded into notes, and will only reach the app when the notes sync. That is my understanding how it works technically.

The advantage of the EN approach is that tasks and content are intertwined. Usual task managers run tasks independent from the content that is managed. Each approach has its ups and downs.

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If you really are still on the legacy EN iOS app (which is this subforum all about), you are on your own. The old client is end of life.

If you are on the new client, you should post in the correct subforum. This makes it easier for other users to find the content.

Hint: I get my reminder notifications by email, plus a read dot with a number on the app symbol. This is with the new client, and the current iOS.

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