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(Archived) Can't send from Outlook - Evernote services not running?


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I've got Outlook 2003 & EN4 113010 (Internal.) I'm trying to send some emails to EN4, which used to work. Now, I'm getting this messsage:

"Evernote services are not running. Please launch Evernote & try again."

And yes, Evernote is running. Full blown, not just in the system tray. :D

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I too am getting "Evernote services not running" and from IE 8.0.

Yet the app is launched and running in another window. Even tried putting Evernote in focus.

Frustrating to have to copy/paste when Enote s/be doing this for me.

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This error occurs when EvernoteClipper.exe is either not running or becomes unresponsive.

The best thing to do in this case is find EvernoteClipper.exe process in the Task Manager and end it.

Then start it again from you Windows -> All Programs -> Startup menu.



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I just tried the above solution and was not able to fine evernoteclipper. How do I get it without redownloading everything again?

Find the 'evernoteclipper.exe' file inside your Evernote installation directory (generally something like 'c:\program files (x86)\evernote'). After running it, you should get an icon in the task bar. You will probably want it to start automatically every time you log onto Windows. To do that, right click on the taskbar icon and click on the 'Options>Start on Windows logon' menu.

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I found that my EvernoteClipper.exe process was not running, but each time I restart it, it runs for about a half second and then kills itself. I have no idea why or what to do?

I just upgraded to (268178) Public

It worked before the upgrade.

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I have the same problem.The EvernoteClipper.exe isn't active and cann't be started.

I only see Evernote.exe and EvernoteTray.exe

Tried everything even deinstall and reinstall. Problem stays and started after upgrade!!

Please repair

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I had the same problem discussed in these posts after upgrade to 4.6. After a lot of research the answer is that the new version does NOT WORK with Windows XP! I deleted version 4.6 and downloaded the previous version 4.5something and all is good again in Windows XP land. It does not appear that Windows XP is supported by Evernote any more. But that's OK. Previous version does all I need.

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Awesome--I was reading this thread just yesterday, and the last response was from 2011. But apparently there are enough issues with 4.6 that people chimed in on this forum yesterday!

Tom--THANK YOU. This was exactly my problem too, and I tried just about everything Evernote support told me to do and nothing worked. I didn't realize I was so dependent on Evernote for getting things done at work until I couldn't do it easily anymore! I was just about to ask you where you found version 4.5, but i looked in my downloads folder and I still had a copy there from a few months ago. Uninstalled 4.6, re-installed 4.5, and bam, that did the trick.

This proves to me I'm not upgrading to a dang thing (for any software!) unless I absolutely have to. This issue happens to me too often with other types of software...the bugs are never quite worked out the way I like them to be!

Thank you for working, EN 4.5!

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+1, evernote 4.6 not clipping on XP. this is a huge buzzkill right at the beginning of my work day.

where are you guys finding the old 4.5 install files? I've done some searching, but apparently everybody that mirrors the install also upgraded yesterday.

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I too have just hit this problem. Evernote 4.6 on WindowsXP SP3. From the advice here I tried re-starting the EvernoteClipper and it starts/stops immediately, just as others have mentioned. So thanks very much for clarifying the issue and saving me wasting any further time. But I too don't know how to locate Evernote 4.5. Rather embarrasing as I was trying to convert my mother onto using Evernote and when you're demoing a 'cool' feature that than immediately fails, it's a bit awkward!

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So, many (probably a huge number of people) still having major problems with Evernote Windows that was put out as GA (GA should mean "Tested, and PRODUCTION READY), and the Mac people are suffering with lost data and no sync at all. This entire product is now not ready for the public, but that's who it was given to!

I'm runing XP, by the way, sitting at Good luck Everybody! Hope they let us know if the servers get to a situation where 4.5.10 won't work with them any more, etc.!

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