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Evernote duplicating notes while writing

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Evernote occasionally makes alternate versions of notes if I'm working cross-platform or going from offline to synced, and that's fine. My issue today is Evernote randomly making several duplicates of my note for every single edit. I am on the website and connected to stable internet. I spent 15 minutes writing and I closed the note to find over 50 duplicates with very minute or no difference between them. Trying to delete them gives me the pop up, "failed to delete note", starting to write again on any note creates more duplicates. Please help!

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Hi.  I'm going to put this post here and refer to it from a number of posts in the past 24 hours on the same subject.

  1. If you have an issue to discuss in the Forums,  PLEASE CHECK TO SEE IF IT HAS ALREADY BEEN  RAISED before creating a new thread.  I have several posts on the same topic to deal with.  I'll see whether we can merge them all together...
  2. if you're getting this duplication issue,  please report it to Support - via email if you're a subscriber,  or Twitter/ feedback link if you're not.
    email: https://help.evernote.com/hc/requests/new Twitter:  https://twitter.com/evernotehelps 
  3. in general:  because of the way in which Evernote syncs to a central point from all connected devices,  there are limits on what Evernote can do to avoid duplications.
    Having the app open on more than one device / network connection issues / working for long periods on a long note all have a part to play,  and the only way to minimise disruption is to take as many local steps as possible - and then raise the matter with Evernote support if you still find that things are out of hand.  
    It's not like Evernote are ignoring the issue,  but they need input from individual activity logs to analyse the causes and -maybe- work towards a better solution...
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