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Ordering side list items?

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In the previous app, I got into the habit of ordering sidelist items in order of priority with space after the ['] Character eg.:

( after choosing a tag eg 'shopping')

'       apples

'    pears

' kiwi

In the new app, this no longer works.

Is there an alternative i could use? 

Just numbering is more labour intensive. Adding/deleting spaces is real easy on the fly.



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29 minutes ago, peterlemer said:

Is there an alternative i could use? 

It apears that EN (now) strips out spaces at the beginning of a tag name. You could just use another character (e.g -, _ , =, +)


I'm not really sure why you don't use the inbuilt tag hierarchy.

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Thanks Mike

If you mean adding more tags to my existing 50+ tags I'm not so sure.

It would mean substituting tags as I revise my note seniority

It's really easy to remove spaces in the title prefix as I've become accustomed to.

I'll tinker with alternatives to spaces as you suggest



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Nesting tags is a feature that is better supported since some releases, when it was added to search / filter on the mobile devices.

The advantage compared to your home-brew method is that you can search including child tags, or excluding them.

Say you have a tag "Bank", and under it banks "A", "B" and "C". You can search for "Bank" and include A,B and C without a need to explicitly name them in the tag search / filter, by including child tags.

I think it is better to build a hierarchy in a way that is supported by EN, not by working around it. You invest the same effort reorganizing tags as with putting extra characters into your tags - but only one method will give you a return in advanced functionality.

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