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Trouble Transferring Evernote from One Android Phone to a New One



I had Evernote Free installed on my PC and my Samsung 10 [2 device limit]. I just transferred Evernote to my New Samsung S22 [3rd Device] and now they are all blocked. If I uninstall Evernote from the Old Phone  will that reactivate Evernote on my new phone or is there another workaround. How do I Sync my New phone data with my PC. Sorry for the Newbie question. 

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You can only connect a new device when you made room for it before.

You need to go to your account, tab devices and unsync all devices except 1 left (the one you use to connect to your account settings).

The number of unsyncs per 30 days is limited as well. If you have used it up on trying, you will have to wait for 30 days until it resets, or subscribe (can be done for a single month) to lift the blockade.

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