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Sort order?

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I have one more question, and then I think I will know everything I need to about the way I use Evernote. I have 3,000 notes and the performance on my phone is quite slow, although it's okay on my laptop. I would like to go back to my oldest notes and delete the ones from the back that I no longer need. Is there any way to sort my notes oldest-first? thx/panterazero

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36 minutes ago, panterazero said:

Is there any way to sort my notes oldest-first?

On the desktop or web versions you can change the sort order by clicking the arrow. If you look very carefully you will see that the opposite arrow is in very faint grey next to the blue arrow.


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Honor and power to the stalwarts of Evernote support! Here's what I did or am doing:

Step through my notes and either delete them outright, if they’re no longer relevant, or send them to pending trash if they are. (This includes a calendaring system I created that didn’t work.)

Update quite a few notes to a later Title syntax.

Delete blank notes, on the premise that it’s easier to recreate them.

Take all the notes from one notebook and split them into two new ones. (I know where I stand in the tags-vs.-notebooks controversy.)

Convert about a dozen notes into templates, and a few back the other way.

Figure out which is the most efficient sort order for which job.

Begin converting my old boss, who consults for Microsoft, from a OneNote freak to an Evernote freak.

Not a bad afternoon’s work, wouldn’t you say? Thanks again! /panterazero

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