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Note disappeared, not in trash.

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I have been having this issue for awhile.  I have a note that I use all the time (my to do list).

It was the ONLY note that never showed up on my phone app.  Everything else syncs just fine.

It is not in the trash.  Nothing shows up when I search for it.

When I recently got a computer refresh it is no longer showing up on my new laptop's Evernote for Desktop. 

I can't check the web version since I already unsynced devices 2x this month due to the computer changeover.  


Please help - this is content I need sooner rather than later :(




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If this note is worth a „large to go“ for you, you better get a coffee less, and use the money to subscribe for a month.

First this will lift the devices limit, second it activates note history and third it gives you access to support.

We can continue to try to help you here, but without full access it will be difficult to check relevant aspects, like the status on the cloud server.

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Meanwhile let us take a look at your account use:

You say you use a desktop client (laptop). Which version of the EN client are you running there ? Which operating system are you running on this computer ?

Same with your phone: Which EN version is running on your phone ? Which operating system is running on it ?

You say you switched computers. Do you still have access to the old computer ?

Where was this note stored ? You say on your old computer it was there, but it never synced to the phone. And you say it did not show up on your new computer either ?!

Has it been in a special notebook, or just among other notes, jointly in a mixed notebook containing other notes as well ?

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My guess... The old computer was running the old version of Evernote and the now missing note was stored as a Local Note. This would account for no sync to a mobile device. Now the new computer has had Evernote 10 installed and as a result the old Local Note had disappeared. 

If I'm correct the missing note is on the old computer.

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This is my current #1 guess as well.

We will know when it is not on the web client as well.

If the old computer client is still recoverable, it is quite simple to solve (export note as ENEX, import note as ENEX to a new client, wait it to sync, done).

But there is a chance it might be an anomaly on the old computer as well.

We need to see what the answers are.

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Well, it means 2 things:

You must still be on the legacy client, 6.25 on Windows or 7.14 on a Mac.

Second you must have at least one notebook that is defined as local. Local means it only exists on this computer, it is not synced to the cloud, there is no backup for it, and no way to recover if it is lost in a local event.

There must be a notebook, because every note at any given time must be inside of a notebook, and only notebooks can be declared to be local.

If this theory is true, every single note in that local notebook (can be more than 1 !) is in danger to get lost, if there is no backup. For local notebooks the user himself needs to take care of the backup.

I would check this and think about my future strategy. v10 does not support local notebooks any longer.

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