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How do I get the upgrade popups to go away after I purchase Evernote?

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I just bought Evernote Premium from the Apple Store fro $49.99 and it doesn't appear that Evernote thinks I have a license to use the product. All I want to use is Skitch, I have no use for Evernote, but every time I try to clip something, up pops the pop up reminding me to upgrade to premium. This is starting to get very annoying, and it appears there is no way to directly contact Evernote.... Does anyone have any ideas how I can turn on my account? 

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1) Skitch is a free app, AFAIK no need for any subscription.

2) If this popup shows it usually means you are on Free. Check your account status.

3) My method to get rid of the popups is to confirm whatever on the first page, and break it off on the next one. Usually it will not show again.

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