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Embed a tweet in Evernote?



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You can embed any URL into a note.

If you mean „show it inline“: Just try. If works for YT-videos, no idea for tweets.

EN only rarely comments on future features - and I don’t remember any discussion about tweets here in the forum. Doesn’t sound to be a hot issue.

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5 hours ago, kkrathi said:

Hi can you embed a tweet in Evernote?

No you can't. The only external app that really embeds is YouTube. The best you can do is to webclip it  which sometimes works well but sometimes I can't get the article view to focus on the actual tweet. I wish the webclipper had a specialised "twitter option" like it does for YouTube.

I have used IFTTT in the past to copy tweets that I "like" into EN. That worked well. I expect that the other automation websites like Zapier will do the same.

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