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Não foi possível conectar ao servidor.

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Independente da rede, operadora ou wifi/cabo...


O evernote não inicia dizendo "Não foi possível conectar ao servidor."
Sou conta premiun/professional e em outros dipositivos (mais de 3) conecta.

Na web também conecta no mesmo dispositivo que o client não vai...


ScreenHunter_91 Mar. 31 20.12.jpg

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The app doesn't even log in or open. The error is not in the synchronization. On the same laptop evernote opens in the browser.

Anyway, I revoked access for this particular laptop and the application still won't open again.

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From what it says it assumes to be offline, and logged out.

By design it will not connect to the local database if it was not logged in when being online last. If you logged out, and went offline, you can't get in.

To me it looks as if something (AntiVirus, Firewall etc.) is blocking internet access for the app. If you have stuff like that running, disable it one by one to find out what may be blocking the client.

Since the web goes through an open URL, it can be that the web access works when the access for the client is blocked.

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