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Issue with EvernoteIntent.viewNote().setNoteGuid(guid).setFullScreen(false).create()

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I'm still in the process of acquiring an android phone, so I'm doing the testing in an Android Studio emulator.

The implementation below is not working (It is not opening the application). I wonder if this is because the testing is being done against an emulator?

Intent intent = EvernoteIntent.viewNote().setNoteGuid(guid).setFullScreen(false).create();
activity.startActivityFromFragment(this, intent, 3);

I have also configured the AndroidManifest.xml with the following:


        <action android:name="com.evernote.action.VIEW_NOTE" />
        <category android:name="android.intent.category.DEFAULT" />
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Thank you for all your tips. I'm currently waiting for the Android Device which is already on its way to my address. I will definitely reach out to Evernote support if the issue is reproducible in an actual physical device.

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