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I would like to be able to create an event in calendar



Right now I can link notes to existing events in my calendar, but there isn't a way to create a new event from within a note. I have to create an event in Google Calendar, then go back to Evernote and link my notes to that event. It's a lot of back and forth. I would like to be able to create an event, from within a note.

Let's say I'm taking notes for class, and I have homework assigned, I want to create an event on my calendar from within the note. Then in a few days when it's time to do my homework, the event and note are already linked and ready to go.

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MAKING EVERNOTE CALENDAR A WORKABLE CALENDAR IS A MUST. How can anyone have a scheduling/notetaking workflow without being able to add a calendar event? Or change an event time? These are fundamental ideas, if you are going to introduce a calendar into a productivity tool like Evernote.

To be able to view a calendar or add a note to an event is great, however highly inefficient if I have to leave the Evernote program to enter an event in a totally separate calendar and then come back to the Evernote calendar to view that event in concert with all other Evernote workflow information..

Not to mention, if I make the few clicks it takes to view google calendar, it opens in a new browser tab every event you check... Very strange idea. Should at least be able to open in your chosen client...


With all that said, EVERNOTE is still the best!

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26 minutes ago, Bernice said:

I want to prevent constant pop up from Evernote asking to create a note linking a calendar event. How do I stop that?

Locate your calendar widget in HOME, click on the ... at the top right corner and select Calendar Settings. Select your choices. 

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Another Vote. There is no point in switching apps when Evernote is already displaying Google Calendar. It seems counter-intuitive that I am allowed to see an event but not allowed to add or modify an event. It's a half-baked feature. 

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Looks like they're finally figuring things out. Hopefully this becomes a fully functional productivity tool (functional calendar to tie notes with scheduling) before the price runs everyone off. 

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