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ability to block email trackers



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Blocking trackers is not that easy - they will not announce themselves to be trackers. They are just small HTML packages that will call an innocent website. Only by extensive, permanently updated blacklists an app can detect which requests may be trackers. My blacklist has 2.4 Million entries !

And there is always a risk of overblocking: One maintainer will call a website malicious, another may find it useful.

The solution is relatively simple: Get yourself a Pi-Hole, and all trackers will be blocked on your network, no matter from which client or application they may originate. If you want access, you can always whitelist a site in your home network.

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Here's a solution that might work. DuckDuckGo provides a mail forwarding process that removes Email trackers. You could sign up for an an address that points to your Evernote Email address.  Then instead of forwarding to Evernote send it to DDG and it will automagically forward to Evernote having stripped the mail trackers. The Email that arrives will confirm if and how many trackers have been removed.



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