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Bug report: A web clipping seemed to replicate autonomously



I web clipped an article from a publication (CMSwire.com LINK ). I was highlighting passages and inserting comments when my cursor was thrown to the top of the page and a message appeared that said something like "Other versions of your article have been found. Click here to view."

I noticed then that there were possibly >50 replicas of this one article. I know that there were more than 50 because when I tried to bulk delete the copies, I got a message that told me it was not possible to delete more than 50 notes at one time. I deleted them in smaller chunks. I noticed also that another note from earlier in the day had duplicated. I deleted the dupe.

I was working in the browser: Chrome Version 99.0.4844.84 (Official Build) (x86_64) on a MacBook Pro OS 10.13.6 

I closed Evernote, quit the browser, and restarted the machine. The dupes are gone.

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Maybe it was to punish using Chrome on a Mac 😈 

Mac‘s browse on Safari 🦒

No, seriously: EN has a problem with duplication. It got better, but there are still reports similar to yours.

What may help (only workarounds, no solution): Keep notes short, avoid to have several devices open at the same time, use a stable network connection.

A final fix has to be delivered by EN.

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