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Evernote mac (v10.33.4) change date format

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Since upgrade to v10 the format of the date (specially in the side list)  cannot be changed (unless someone explains it to me...) showing timing since last editing or DD/MMM. Unfortunately even on the note itself no mention of time - on the not only DD/MMM/YYYY.

Would appreciate some hints very much.



Screen Shot 2022-03-28 at 11.16.55.png

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Well as a legacy user i am so glad they forced me (and the other so-called 1%) off the old and onto this, where, two years later, it still seems showing a formatted date and time of note creation and update, is not considered important. Yes it's my first day on v10 as the astutue will notice today is the day EN forceably unplugged the old app to stop anyone getting any further value from it (fyi not interested in adding to that discussion). For the record, I set the dates and times on all my notes as they pertain to the subjects at hand. I don't know what I will do now that I cannot see this information on the note summary line. Off to a great start in the brave new world of v10. But hey! Now I have "AI Edit" - a feature I have been happily doing without since joining Evernote Dec 2010 - hmmm - paying customer for 14 years). To save anyone advising me to do so, I have already opened a support ticket to add this brilliant cutting edge functionality back into their product: viewing the date and time a note was created or changed. Also to set another record straight, my subscription level shown here in the forum is PREMIUM not PLUS. Just little details, not important.

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You can see the dates in the notes list, if that’s what you are looking for.

You can’t set the updated date field manually. You will find out that v10 resets this field more often than prior versions.

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