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Shortcut for expanding and collapsing folders?

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Is there a keyboard shortcut for expanding and collapsing the folders sidebar view such that you see 'Notebooks' with just a list of the next level of folders?

I know there is the carrot on each folder, but first, its a mouse action, plus if I use this on 'Notebooks' it works more as 'hide'  since it not only hides all the notebooks, but does not actually collapse them - if I click on it again, I see the same arrangement of some expanded and some closed notebooks.


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Thanks.  Yes, I first browsed such lists, and the ctrl-/ popup.

I am surprised this does not exist, at least as someone who organizes by hierarchies in part, meaning I have over a hundred folders in 12 stacks, and quickly getting to one is a pain when I have to scroll up and down and watch if some stacks are open or not, etc.

I have other software that lets you collapses all, expand all, collapse current, expand current shortcuts... which is quite handy, even only when you have two levels.

I will add it to the long list of suggestions for Evernote to ignore... 😉



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From what you tell, you likely use too many notebooks (not „folders“).

Explore what tags can do for you - and reduce the numbers of notebooks. This solves your problem with notebook-hopping as well.

I mainly use notebooks as very general categories (probably as you use stacks), and rarely open any new ones.

When I open a new one these days, it is mostly to share several notes with somebody. This happens in the context of a project, when dropping a note into this notebook makes it available for everybody in the share. When the project is over, content is tagged with the project name, removed and the notebook deleted. This effectively stops all sharing for the notes.

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58 minutes ago, PinkElephant said:

you likely use too many notebooks

Speaking as someone with around 380 notebooks (and counting),  I'm shocked;  s-h-o-c-k-e-d I tell you,  to hear that there is such a thing as 'too many' notebooks.  :D

The current limit is still 1,000 (I think),  but while there may be practical limits less than that...  if you like notebooks,  I'd say Go For It!

By also using Stacks,  you can create your own index - just sort all notebooks beginning with 'A' into a stack "A" and do the same for the rest through to "Z".  Or choose 'work' vs 'personal' or any other specific categories you might have in mind.  (Stack contents being collapsible lists of notebooks.)

My notebooks are simply named for the person,  company or project that best describes what the content is about - "|Amazon" forinstance includes all of my distressingly frequent orders,  receipts,  and any related correspondence for that particular megacorp;  the names then run down to "|ZonerPhotoStudio" to cover notes about the tips and tricks of working with that app.

The perceptive amongst you will have noticed the "|" in front of the name - that's so I can move notes between notebooks by typing "|Am" to prompt Evernote into showing me the correct notebook (it takes surprisingly few letters) and avoids any confusion with the zillion times that the word 'amazon' appears in many more documents than refer to an actual transaction with them.

Obviously it depends on your naming convention,  your preferences and other concerns,  but I'm sure there are ways around most frustrations with the long list of 'just' names.

2 hours ago, Grant837 said:

I will add it to the long list of suggestions for Evernote to ignore...

A little over-cynical there I think - anyway:  if you don't ask...

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One can argue that every number of notebooks above „1“ is one too much 😎

But I agree - sometimes we like to have some drawers where we put stuff. I just think that more drawers means more maintenance as well, and I don’t like my system to dominate my use of my time over content and creation.

What makes tags useful is that you can put a note into only one notebook at a time, but can tag it in different ways.

Notebooks I find super easy to stay on top of my sharing - a shared notebook is a temporary work space, and everybody invited can put notes in there as well as drawing from it, shared to all others. And when it’s over, the sharing is stopped with a few clicks.

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1 hour ago, PinkElephant said:

Explore what tags can do for you - and reduce the numbers of notebooks.

The question, as I understand it, was about the difficulty of collapsing and expanding the list of notebooks in the sidebar. e.g. if you collapse and expand again it remembers how it was before and doesn't give you the top view of stacks and unstacked notebooks. The situation is even worse for tags because of the greater number of levels of hierarchy allowed. I'm sure in the windows legacy version there was an easy way of collapsing all (shift+clicking the collapse arrow?) and that is what I would like to see for both notebooks and tags in V10.

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My point is rather that there is no need to play around with tags as with notebooks.

Notes are moved into notebooks, and can only exist in one at any time.

Tags are applied to notes, if necessary many of them at a time.

So I don’t see a need to move around in the tag tree, as it may be for the notebooks.

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If the OP agrees,  I can move this discussion to the Feature Request forum so others can vote and contribute their views,  and Evernote can maybe revisit making navigation in the left panel easier for those with more than a minimal number of searches / notebooks / tags?

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