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This removes all the clutter from clipped websites.  This is my MOST used function and why I have been with evernote all these years.  Now it is frustrating and difficult to find.  It used to be so easy when I clipped notes.  I could go in and "simplify" with a push of the button.  It did not matter what the clipped item was.  Now it is soooooo difficult to find.  


Please make all notes have a "magic wand" in the edit part.  I have no idea how to find this function - sometimes i just long click and the wand "magically" appears.  Ugh.....


REQUEST:  please make this option in the "edit" button so I can find it easier.  I also can use a "remove all images" fuction for the future.

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It is super easy: Click/Tap on the header of the WebClip (right at the top bar where it says WebClip). The container box holding the clip gets a blue rim, the little submenu appears (different position on mobile and desktop).

Click/tap the MagicWand, done.

It will not appear when you tap around in the web clipped content itself.

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