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Scanning into the last notebook

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I used to be able to select the notebook I want the scan to land in and then run the scanner.
I recently had to do a reinstall(new pc) and now the scans always go into one specific notebook then I have to move them to where I really want them.
I have gone thru the help docs that show going into the scansnap profile settings. The options they show arent the same as what I have available, plus I dont see anything that says use last notebook, in the software or the help doc.
Any idea how to get this back?

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The scansnap software is different that what I had been using before the re-install.
Im using scansnap home for which I had to create a scansnap cloud account in order to set up the evernote integration. The profile is just a default one that I went in and added a specific folder and the evernote app too.
The scanner is a S1300i

I feel like I used to use scansnap manager. The scansnap home and cloud is completely new to me. Maybe thats the problem.
However, I used to have a lot of problems with the scanner dropping off and I would have to run a scansnap recover app everytime I restarted my system.

Thanks for replying :)



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OK - in fact Fujitsu has renovated his software, as well as EN did. So maybe former options are not working any more. I am travelling currently, so I can't try.

Personally I do not use a scan to EN profile any more. I scan to Import folders, but not directly.

I scan to the default Fujitsu folder, using the "Scan to folder" profile. There it is opened by ScanSnap Manager. I then change the automatic file name to one that is a good file name - it will be used as the note title later, so it avoids rework to set it up here.

Then in the "save to folder" field I have the EN Import folder, to which I saved the last scan. It is linked to one notebook. But you can set up several Import folders, each linked to another notebook. Choose it, save, the scan is saved to the import folder, and seconds later it is imported and placed inside of a new note.

If you have different import folders, always the last one selected will show up again, connected to the same notebook.

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I just installed scansnap manager and now the interface looks the way it used to but it still doesnt bring it into the last notebook. That's unfortunate because it just adds another step for me.
I have notebooks for personal bills, business bills, etc. I used to just click on the folder I wanted it in and scanned. 
Its a shame if they removed that capability


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