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Will not sync since upgrade

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Try this, assuming you are on a PC. The Mac is slightly different:

  1. Go to File > Sign Out [name] from the menu bar.
  2. Select the "Remove my Evernote data from this device" option, then click Sign out.
  3. Restart your computer.
  4. Sign back in to Evernote
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I am using Evernote on the iPad and iPhone and it is not syncing with the notes on my PC. I did the Signout and Sign in (for the i devices signout is on the settings gear button of the menu) as shown above and it is now syncing!  Thanks.

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Have you checked where syncing works, and where it stops ?

Open the web client and take a look. If the notes are there, the upsync to the server works, and the downsync is the problem. If they are not there, the upsync is blocked. From this insight it should be easy to identify the client that has a syncing problem.

When you know, you may come back here for a solution - or try support.

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My Evernote version 10.33.5-win-ddl-public no longer syncs. Last note to sync was end of December 2021. I wrote tons of notes since then. Only one appears after 2021, it's dated February 10th. It's now 3/30/22.

This problem has persisted since end of 2021.

Please advise - thanks -

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These sync issues are often related to a corruption in the local data.  Normally the usual way of resolving is to rebuild the data.  File | Sign Out | Remove my Evernote data from this device

However, that is not likely to be the way forward immediately. That would, most likely lose all the notes you've created.  So I think I would attempt to export the notes created since January. If you have more than 50 such notes then move them all into a new notebook and export the notebook.

Then rebuild the data as described. If the new notes are still present then great otherwise reimport the exported notebook and then move the notes backs to their intended locations. You should be able to check that the sync has worked after a few minutes.

You could also use the Troubleshooting option of Ctrl+Shift+R to force a data reload. Even so, I'd try to make an export of the data that might otherwise be lost.

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Thanks so much for the description above!

Question: I use Evernote on my Windows laptop only rarely. I use it on two android devices frequently.

It is then safe(er?) to delete all data on my Windows laptop and allow it to repopulate?

Thanks again !


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Sure it is safe, on any device. EN never syncs to keep data on any device. The master copy is always on the server, all data coming from or going to devices must pass through the server.

When you uninstall a client, or in case of desktop remove the database, it draws a fresh copy from the server.

This was different with the legacy clients on Windows and Mac: Legacy had an option for local notebooks, that did never sync. In this case if the client was deleted, the local content was lost (if no backup existed).

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Pink Elephant,

I just uninstalled Evernote and then downloaded and installed the new Evernote. The data remains the same, with many long gaps between notes. The notes that formerly went missing are still missing.

I looked for Evernote data in drive C. I seem to have located it in C:\Users\USERNAME\Evernote\Databases . There is a very large EXB file. Should I manually delete this file and/or any others?

OR: Should I uninstall Evernote and then manually delete all of its data, and _then_ re-install a new Evernote?

Thanks  again -

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Did you plain uninstall, or did you follow the procedure described by @agsteele and me ?

If it was an „usual“ uninstall, please read the thread again. No harm done, but the problem will remain.

Starting to manually remove files is not a good idea. Better ask some questions:

We assume all (!) notes show on your Android devices, but not on the Windows PC.

We assume as well you are on a subscription - mentioning 3 devices, one PC and 2 Androids. If so, you should log into your account at Evernote.com and check if all notes show there. The web client is yet another device, not available when on Free and with 2 devices already synced with the account.

Please check and come back.

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