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Improved Editing Capabilities (Quotes, Columns etc.)



Altough I like the simplicity the Evernote provides, when it comes to editing notes I think it lacks some core & easy elements which its competitors have.

We are trying to use Evernote for company wide documentation & wiki but it is really difficult when even placing a simple image on wherever you want is impossible.

I would really like to see Evernote to include some better and modern document editing capabilities. 


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The EN editor is a coded decision to keep editing notes simple. They only offer limited support to „craft“ documents.

If I want better control over pictures in a note, the best way I know is putting a table into it, and the picture into a table cell. It sets the picture size to the table cell width, and you can add text beside it. This is especially helpful when you want to add certain information to that picture, and want it to stick there. Maybe this could help you with your Wiki-edits.

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