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Deleting single pages in Scannable

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I am not able to delete single pages from a few pages of scanned documents, though there is a delete button below the page.  The crop button works  on the page but not the delete. In fact, I need to delete the whole document and start all over when a single page is what needs deleting. I even tried sending the whole document to evernote and seeing if I can delete the page there, but it does not work.


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As already mentioned at your other thread, the forum is user2user. Maybe somebody hot on Scannable will kick in - I use other scanning apps, and have Scannable only installed to check on issues from time to time.

To get bugs fixed you need to contact support anyhow.

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SDeiv - did you ever get an answer or find a solution to your problem described above?  I have the same issue.  It used to work to be able to delete single pages within a scan being taken, but not any longer.  Despite the button still being there.  So frustrating to be scanning a larger document and have an error page, and have to delete the whole scan and start over.

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Probably you can wait for an answer - Scannable is out of scope, it seems.

The delete button doesn’t seem to work any more. The other options like crop or rotate still work, but deleting not.

There is a workaround, however: Choose „Rearrange pages“. The rearrange window opens, with thumbnails of all pages. Now hit the little X in a circle on a page to delete it. When you close the rearrange view, the deletion is permanent.

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Hrm... The delete button works for me in the Scannable app on iOS (version 2.5 (2524) -- pretty sure that is the latest as I have auto-updates turned on). I can also swipe up on the individual thumbnails to remove them.

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