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Scanning Freezing

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When I hit the camera button in iOS within a note to scan something, before I even get the object centered, EN almost instantly takes a scan without actually searching, allowing me to line things up, get proper distance, etc.  Then the screen freezes with the word “Looking” still in the center.  It then becomes unresponsive.      

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The build in scanner works fine in capturing, but is sort of fidgety in its decision when to release the shutter.

I work around it by first placing the page, and only then activate the scan. If more than one page, I make sure I can rapidly interchange pages.

A free alternative from EN is the Scannable app.

For larger projects I use ScannerPro, that comes with a lot of additional features.

This software is not for free. The maker Readdle is a Ukrainian company - I think paying for their excellent software helps in more than one respect.


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Can‘t reproduce what was described. Nobody else answered the original posting.

Conclusion: Can‘t be a widespread problem. We can speculate about the health of your battery (which in turn influences the processing power, which can cause a device to lock when a lot of computing power is needed). Usually the iPad Pros don’t have this sort of trouble, however.

So wait for it to happen again, and then open a support ticket from the same device. By default, an activity log will be attached.

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