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Dark Mode weirdness (cheapness?)



Can anyone explain what the heck Dark Mode is doing in Evernote?

First, regardless of Mode, Evernote's left-hand column is Dark. It's only the rest of the interface that changes.

Second, I have to use Evernote in Light Mode in order to see a web clip in Dark Mode when the clip was taken in Dark Mode. In order to have true Dark Mode in Evernote, I have to take the web clip in Light Mode and then run Evernote in Dark Mode... but the colors get screwed up.

To keep the screen entirely in Dark Mode, I have to deal with washed out colors and white "images" (Fig. 5); to keep the web clip true to form, I have to deal with White Mode (Fig. 4). Is it just that Evernote doesn't use a true Dark Mode--it's just doing a cheap color inversion?


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